Clubs for Kids!!!


Frenzy Feeding Club

(For Picky Eaters) Designed for children who have food related anxiety and/or feeding disorders. This experience creates the opportunity to explore new foods and feel more confident during meals.


Social butterfly Social Skills Club

Designed for children and teens with high functioning autism (previously referred to as Asperger’s syndrome), social anxiety, and other individuals who would like to improve their social language skills and make friends. Newly acquired skills will be implemented with a small group of peers and throughout the community.

mommy and me.jpg

Mommy and Me Sign Language Club

Designed to provide a fun, learning and bonding experience for mother and child. Functional communication signs, along with basic vocabulary, will be taught. Songs, books, and activities will be used during this club. Did you know that children who learn basic sign language before the age of five typically score 12 points higher on IQ tests in the 3rd grade?