SPRING BREAK FUN: LEGO Social Skills Camp!

I am so excited to announce that FayettevilleSpeaks will be offering an awesome way for your kiddos to spend part of their Spring Break this year. This week long day camp will serve as a sneak peek of camps that will be offered this summer!

FayettevilleSpeaks is offering a LEGO based Social Skills Camp! This is a research and evidence based program facilitated by a nationally certified, state licensed Speech-Language Pathologist. The LEGO camp improves social skills and self esteem difficulties associated with Autism. Asperger Syndrome, Anxiety, Depression, ADHD, Down Syndrome and more. Social interaction and communication skills will be the primary focus of the LEGO camp. The kids will be having so much fun they won’t even notice they are working on improving skills!


The LEGO Social Skills Camp will help the kids work on cooperation, problem solving, reciprocal conversation, attention and flexibility. This evidence-based program uses the power of LEGOS- highly structured, predictable and systemic toys- to build social connections.

The specific skills we hope to address during this camp include the following: making a good first impression, communication and conversation skills, reading nonverbal behavior, raising self-esteem, coping with teasing, managing stress, solving social problems, resolving conflicts and managing anger.

Research studies have shown that the LEGO Social Skills program increases a child’s social skills through increasing self-initiated social contact, increasing duration of social contact, improving social competence, and generalizing the social skills to other settings such as the playground and school cafeteria.

This program sounds so amazing to me. I cannot wait to have a few of these groups playing and learning such important social skills!

The Spring Break LEGO Social Skills Camp is going to be offered at a lower price than the summer programs. FayettevilleSpeaks is also attempting to offer the camp at times that may be beneficial to the parent over Spring Break. We understand how difficult childcare can be when the schools are on vacation!

The LEGO Social Skills Camp will be offered in half days session. The children are able to attend both morning and afternoon sessions if interested in that option. The following options are available:

Morning sessions 9-12

Afternoon sessions 1-4

$50 per session. $80 for full day.

Minimum of 3 half day sessions.

All camps have before care (8am-9am) and after care (4pm-5pm) for an additional $25 per day, if needed

SPACE IS LIMITED! Reserve your spot today! ($25 non-refundable reservation fee)

20% discount if paid in full by February 28, 2019

All Spring Break Campers will receive 10% off of Summer Camps

This program does not replace speech-language therapy.

I hope some of you find this as exciting as I do and will register your child to have some Spring Break LEGO fun! You may call (479) 466-5976 or email FayettevilleSpeaks@gmail.com for more information. LEGO Social Skills Camp registration forms can now be found on www.FayettevilleSpeaks.com. You can also use the website to pay online by Pay Pal or you can send a check with registration form to FayettevilleSpeaks, 311 W Spring Street, Fayetteville, Ar 72701

Hope to hear from you!

Peace, love and speech therapy.