The top 13 language toys for Christmas 2018 (part 1)

The countdown to Christmas has begun! Everyday until Christmas, I will be sharing some of my new favorite language toys and games. After 24 years of working in pediatrics, I have become a bit bored with the items and toys in my therapy room. I tend to get overly excited when I discover a new item that will enhance the language skills of my kiddos! I went in search of a new and exciting item to use in my therapy sessions with the preschool age kiddos that I work with. Imagine my excitement when I found 13 awesome items! I had a hard time cutting the list down to 13, but there are some great toys listed below. All of these toys were found on the shelves of a fairly new independently owned small toy store in Fayetteville, Kindness and Joy Toys. This shop is a kid’s (and speech-language pathologist’s) dream. Toys are displayed in every nook and cranny. Many items have been taken out of their containers so shoppers can get their hands on them in order to help make an informed decision before choosing to buy the items. The owner also hosts art projects for kids, meetings for parents, and more at her store. Stop by Kindness and Joy Toys and take a look around! I am listing the prices for several of the items that are pictured below. Out of town readers and shoppers, you can purchase many of these items on Amazon. The Amazon purchases appear to be approximately only a dollar or two less than the local toy store. I am including Amazon links in this post as well. Forgive the quality of the pictures, I am obviously not a photographer in my spare time. Let’s get started looking at these awesome toys!

eeboo pretend play

eeboo pretend play

pretend play 2.jpg
pretend play 3.jpg


These are my very favorite items on this list! Look at these wonderful items for Pretend Play! Pretend Play skills are vital for children learning coping skills for their social and emotional needs. Through pretend play, a child can learn HOW to act socially. He can learn how to cooperate, how to take turns, share responsibility, and how to problem solve. Pretend Play activities also can provide language stimulation such as new vocabulary, sequencing skills, questioning skills, and so on. These Pretend Play sets from eeboo include different sets such as Veterinarian, Best Pals’ DIner, School, and (my personal fave) Grown-up (complete with your own ATM). These are $14.99 per set.

My second choice is also a pretend play game from eeboo. From their Spin to Play collection is the Picnic Spinner Game and the Tea Party game. These Games also enhance social skills and language. These items are a more structured activity than the previous eeboo pretend play kits. The Picnic game includes a real picnic blanket and the Tea Party game includes a real tablecloth. These are $18.99 per set.

I hope your kiddos enjoy these games as much as I would enjoy them in speech therapy. The Kindness and Joy Toys store makes me wants to donate all of my current therapy games and toys and gather a new therapy materials collection for myself (I mean….for my therapy kiddos). I hope you are able to purchase at least one of these pretend play items for the creative kid in your life! Let me know if you do. I would enjoy hearing how much your kids loved these items. I included Amazon links to these products for the out of town readers who cannot make it by my new favorite little toy store!

Visit my blog later this week for language stimulation and elicitation ideas using preschool/elementary games, games for teenagers, and a few fidget items.

Peace, love, and speech therapy! (And Season’s Greetings too!)