The top 13 language toys for Christmas (part 2)


The 2 items that I am showing you today are geared for the younger kids. These younger kids often have shorter attention spans and move quickly from one activity to the next. I am always happy to have new activities to capture their attention. These two items provide fun while creating language learning opportunities.

The first item is one of my favorite games on this list. I would definitely have bought this for my personal home use with my own children. I know my children, especially my daughter, would have played with this often. SEEK-A-BOO is a seek and find memory game. It includes 36 pairs of pictures of real objects divided into “seek me” and “find me” cards. At the easiest level of play, this game can be played as one big typical memory game. The parent (or speech-language pathologist) can vary the level of the game dependent on each child’s age and/or abilities. During play, vocabulary, turn-taking, following directions, articulation skills and more can be targeted. I think this game would be a wonderful activity on the rare days that I surprise my speech kiddos and inform them that they are “therapist for the day”. During these sessions, I pull out an activity and the child gets to lead the activity by asking me questions or having me follow directions. The kids love it and we get a lot of language usage from these sessions. This game is just the type of activity I like to use for those sessions. Even though the recommended age is 18 months+, I am sure my 5 year old speech kiddos would love SEEK-A-BOO too!

The second item is called MIX OR MATCH ANIMALS. Kindness and Joy Toys store also had a Mix and Match Vehicles set. The Animals set contains 4 animals: crocodile, giraffe, elephant, and tiger. Each animal is magnetic and comes apart in 3 pieces- head, trunk of body, and feet. They can be “mixed or matched” together to create some pretty silly combinations. This set of animals could be used in pretend play, vocabulary development, sequencing, following directions, language expansion and more. Language stimulation and language elicitation will most certainly occur with this fun toy! This would be an easy and fairly quiet (except for the silly animal noises kids like to make) take-along activity in the car or to a restaurant.

I hope you have enjoyed reading about these two recommended Christmas gifts for your younger children. Once again, I have provided Amazon links to the items in case you would like to purchase an item. The SEEK-A-BOO game appears to be a fun, interactive game in which the family could enjoy together. The MIX AND MATCH ANIMALS appears to be a toy that has the ability to provide fun while playing with your child during pretend play or your child may prefer parallel play (playing with same item as you next to you). Even if he prefers parallel play, you can continue to model language usage during the interaction. The kids might even actually play with these animal independently for a few minutes and let mom, dad, or grandma take a breath (or a therapist write a session progress note)! Let me hear your thoughts on these games/toys if you get them for your favorite kiddo!

Peace, love, and speech therapy,